He makes me fall in love

I am not Perfect one but the way he adore my imperfections makes me fall in love... I am not the most mature but the way he relish my madness makes me fall in love... I am not the most passionate but the way he cherish ardent makes me fall in love... I am not elegant one but the way he admire my dullness makes me fall in love... I am not Angelic one but the way he tackles fiend inside me makes me fall in love... I am not the Genial one but the way he respect my inhibition makes me fall in love...Nirali

Resembling #Madhushala by sir hariwanshrai bachhan

nashe me he jab bina piye hi hala, lagta he jese pyar ki hi he jwala, sammoh tha pata chala ye chand lamho ka, phir yaad aya pyala,phir yad ayi madhushala :)

No In between

Either I am into extreme light or extreme dark there is no in between... Either I am too loud or too silent... Either I love party song or some 1970 music.. Either I am too anxious or calm as hell Either I eat junk food or do diet😂 Either I am too energetic or too exhausted... Either I am too focused or not at all Either I love someone from bottom of my heart or hate from all my mind.. Either I am extrovert or introvert... There is no in between for me forever

Love for life

So finally it begins...!! I have started blogging....There is too much stuff, don't know where to start basically my favorite topic...Let's start with love... Have tried to find love so much...exactly what is this? Why people are made for it...! Almost every writer, poet, painter try to catch d feeling at least once in their life span...basically I found two types of it... the first one is what we have desired from the opposite person and another one is what we get from another person... Let's start from d first one. At some point, e all desire something about love. Doesn't matter it's about our family love or friends or the one, your life Mate. But we desire something. How will it be? What will they do for us? Some expectations one can say Expectations always hurts, so it is painful to love. Because when we desire for something and we don't get it, it hurts.  Then you will wonder what about the second one. Yeah well, when there are no expec